Traduction Deborah Blythe
Traduction français-anglais
French-English translation


Fields of Expertise


French - English translation / revision

More than thirty years' experience in the following domains:

  • Websites
  • Annual reports
  • Case studies
  • Surveys
  • Press releases
  • Medical (traditional and alternative)
  • Legal
  • Public transit
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Documentaries (travel and wildlife)
  • Arts and culture
  • Academic - case studies
  • Literature - fiction and non-fiction


Other Accomplishments

2020 –  Translated BEBOP, a short story by Simon Meleras

2017 – Translated Amor Benamor : Une Réussite Algérienne (268 pages) by Omar Hemissi and Taieb Hafsi. (Amor Benamor: An Algerian Success Story).  Casbah Éditions, fall 2017

2016 – Served as juror for the Governor General's award for French-English translation

2015 – Won the QWF's Cole Foundation Prize for Translation - French to English for Turkey and the Armenian Ghost: On the trail of the genocide

2014 – Translated La Turquie et le fantôme arménien : sur les traces du génocide (217 pages) by Laure Marchand and Guillaume Perrier (Turkey and the Armenian Ghost: On the trail of the genocide). McGill-Queen's University Press, spring 2015.

2010 – Served on the McGill University committee to assess the English translation of the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities

2009 – Served as juror for the Cole Foundation Prize for Translation - French to English of the Quebec Writers’ Federation

2008 – Nominated for the McGill Centre for Continuing Education’s Award for Distinguished Teaching

2008 – Served as critical reader for the third edition of Garner’s Modern American Usage (Oxford University Press, 2009)


Professional Affiliation


  • Literary Translators' Association of Canada